I have an enormous curiosity about everything I see. I feel compelled to observe every detail, to understand how objects relate to each other and in different contexts, with an inquiring look whose purpose is not to discover new data or solve enigmas, but to understand the essence of the present. My interest is based on the present state of things and their inherent past, which has shaped them into what they are. On the other hand, I feel the necessity to gain familiarity with the object to be photographed in order to become detached from the larger context. I invent shields, which help me to focus and avoid distractions. In this way, I can communicate in a wider and more profound way with the person, object or scene I am relating to.

I feel a special attraction to obsolete objects. Their total lack of functionality allows me to observe things in a more comprehensive way. Objects are just what they are, their price or the value of their components are irrelevant. I like to watch what happens when I get into contact with them and to see the outcome of the act of taking a picture. My understanding of objects is a romantic one, which means that to me they are more than just matter or inanimate bodies. They have a huge amount of content that is revealed by looking at them carefully. Generally speaking, I am interested in this first encounter, in examining the relationship between the object and myself. My work is about creating an image that is as similar as possible to my own perception. My purpose is to achieve a metaphoric act of intimacy between the spectator and the image I have created, an experience that resembles the one I had while taking the photograph. I hope this approach results in true introspection and a more intimate and personal view by opening up new meanings and widening perceptions of both the work and the spectator.

I believe that art can wake up senses and sensations that lie dormant due to the tremendous power of superficiality, speed and information overload. I try to stimulate the little receptors that are lost in the noise and everyday hustle.