Jan 30, 2015

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Pura vida

Dieciséis años en la historia de una pareja que deviene en una familia con dos hijos a través del cuerpo de la mujer. El artista Gustavo Sagorsky documentó el devenir de su vida en común a través de ella, Sonia, mujer que pare, sufre y goza en intensidades que su marido supo capturar para la eternidad.

Haaretz Newspaper
Tal Niv

Set 11, 2014

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Snapshot: 78 artists depict the 'benevolent' tree

The anemones are real. The olive tree is real. The woman is real. The relationship is real. Gustavo Sagorsky, the photographer, and Sonia Sagorsky met in 1998 and he’s been taking her picture ever since. At home. On the bed. In the bath. Pregnant. In his studio. Documentary photographs in the nude.

Histoire d'amour
Liat Lavi

Feb 13, 2014

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“Things tend to sound better in French, but in this case, the French phrase captures something that simply cannot be translated into English. Une Histoire d’amour, this phrase haunted me when looking at the photographs of Sonia, taken by her husband, photographer Gustavo Sagorsky".

Darwin Magazine

Oct 05, 2013

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“Residues, objects that were left behind unclaimed – a leaf made of plastic from an artificial plant, a peeled potato covered in dirt, a broken umbrella, a car mirror; Neglected objects that only grace or a miracle could save from an unavoidable faith, and instill new life in them..."


New Odor
 Victor Tango

Oct 04, 2013

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Name of work

Name of work

Gustavo Sagorsky (Jerusalem, Israel)

What makes a good image to you? The capacity to teach you something.

Automoviles de Villa Crespo

כשהייתי קטן סבא שלי לימד אותי לאהוב מכוניות: למדתי לזהות את יצרני המכוניות ואת הדגמים. ההשקעה בזמן ובאנרגיה מצידו של סבא הולידו את המחקרים הראשונים שלי, אלה היו מחקרים סטטיסטיים שלכאורה לא הייתה להם תכלית של ממש, אלא שהם בכל זאת תרמו בכך שהתאמנתי ב"שיטות מחקר".